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This was designed to work very easy for you. Once your signup (FREE), all you do is login and...
1) Pick the list that you want to send your ad to today.
2) Fill the form out with your ad for your chosen program (any program you affiliate with or own)
3) Click "send".

1) Pick the list that you want to send your ad to.
MORE INFO: We own all four list websites [ZoomMoola - 25748 members in realtime, Superlistexplode - 31868 members in realtime, members in realtime, and Trade-A-List - 6273 members in realtime and the 5th that we do not own, BusinessWorldList - 91000+ members]. These sites are very unique list building sites. Trade-a-List has the ability to tap into any of the entire membership of each one [SLE, LWE, TAL] and send email to ALL of the members. So, everyday you can choose which one you would like to mail to, customizing your advertising. If one list does not respond well, trade to the other for a day [or longer].

This is a very effective way to tell others about your program/website as each day you will reach a different audience, but at the same time you can repeatedly show your offers. As they say, it takes multiple exposures of your offer before someone will pay attention to it!
YOU will get a quadruple prong of exposure to established email lists.

2) Fill the form out with your ad for your chosen program (any program you affiliate with or own)
MORE INFO: This is very easy. You just fill in a headline, the email body and that is it. Trade-A-List will even remember the ad that you put in previously.

3) Click "send".
MORE INFO: Just click "send", and it will send your ad to the entire database [list] of members to the site you chose for the day.

All members can choose one of the list and email for free - everyday. All we ask you to do is view ten email ads in your INHOUSE email box. You do not receive them to your home ISP box as we provide the email box for you that works right in your browser! Basic members can email up to 500 people, everyday to whichever list site that they choose. You can email all three of them from right within your Trade-a-list members area.

This page shows and links to shows FOUR programs that we DO own and one that we have several years of experience with, which has a proven track record in effective advertising and paying out for referral sales. That is why it is even there with our programs.

You can choose to get your own account with those [free of course] and then put in your usernames for them here at Trade-A-List. We provide a form to fill out in the members area. If you choose to send others to your personal Trade-A-List page, all visitors are exposed to YOUR referral url for all five programs. So, if they signup to any of them on the fly, they signup under YOU and when one buys an upgrade package, we pay YOU for it.

If any visitor joins Trade-A-List from your personal page, they will also join these other programs under YOU inside the members area. Each program pays ALL members [free or upgraded] a commission for referred sales! Believe me, this can form long downlines and income for you in the most passive way possible! So YOU will get a five prong approach in making money.

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